USMS offers:

  •  Accurate and reliable volume flow measurement with state-of-the-art ultrasonic technology
  •  Effective performance control and activity allocation
  •  Control of downstream processes.

Possible use for a wide variety of materials: gravel, sand, gravel, rubble, concrete, wood, coal, earth

For this task, the new USMS volumetric flow measuring system was developed and tested in cooperation with NASA technicians. The ultrasonic measuring system enables precise and reliable recording of conveyor performance on conveyor belts by means of laser-controlled ultrasonic sensors. Through the continuous recording of the volume delivered, the system performance can be controlled and maximized, in case of production disruptions can be intervened immediately


UAMSIN.11 measuring system is recommended for anyone who wants to know more about the system and its production

USMSIN.11 Is the absolute highlight of our devices.The new GTI Gasser measuring system which is permanently connected to a server.Sends the measured data.The calculated data can be accessed and viewed via password-protected access anytime, anywhere in the world.The data is stored over a year and is prepared to download as Excel.Nearby, our device is equipped with a Bluetooth that allows the system operator to view the production at any time.The device is in a rugged Inox housing.Power supply is 24V DC.


USMS 1 - Measuring system with cable connection and 1 measuring unit per evaluation unit
recommended for mobile systems

1 measuring unit in robust aluminum housing with ultrasonic and laser sensors
1 evaluation unit in robust aluminum housing with LCD display, printer and preparation for memory card
1 connection cable for power supply and data transmission


USMS 2 –up to 5 sensor units with connecting cables to 1 processor units per system

recommended for screen stations

up to 5 sensor units, each installed in a robust aluminum housing, each equipped with ultrasonic sensors and laser sensors
1 processor unit with LCD display, printer and memory cart port
up to 5 connecting cables for power supply and data transfer


USMS 3 - up to 200 sensor units with radio transmission to 1 processor unit per system

suitable for all applications

up to 200 sensor units, each installed in a robust aluminum housing, each equipped with ultrasonic sensors, laser sensors, built- in processor,
radio transmitter, cable for power supply
1 processor unit with radio receiver, PC- adapter, software for PC
1 connecting cable from processor unit to PC for data transfer