The volume measuring device in the network is very suitable for large construction sites. You always have the produced material on the computer in real time. You can create an Excel table at any time. The production follow what has been produced in real time in order to work better and to calculate. Track down failures of workers or machines.


I am happy to activate a link for my customer so that everyone can see the measuring device.  It is currently running on a rehearsal station in our house.



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Now everything from one source:

Production Sales Planning of assembly, assembly and customer service. Of course we have our partners in different countries who support us. The customer orders directly from the manufacturer ... Benefits:

1) Devices are becoming cheaper.

2) Easier planning for us.

3) Second, no waiting.

4) Without commission payments.

5) Handling of assembly.

6) Faster delivery time.

7) Better customer support.

BBT SE | Brenner Basistunnel

We are preparing to increase production by 30% this year.

I am happy for the trust and inquiries of our old and new customers.


Offer for the first device in 2020, we grant a 20% special discount:

USMS the new volume measuring device from GTI GASSER in the network.It is a great advantage that assembly is very quick and easy. The measuring device can be installed on all mobile and stationary crushing plants or recycling plants. It is reliable and resistant.Installation is simple and very quick.We have already successfully installed our devices on many systems. for example Hartl / Rubblemaster / Extech / Finlay / Maschinenbau Liezen and many other systems.



The last assembly in 2019

fair of Karlsruhe.

I thank our customers and future customers specifically, thank you, Mr. H.G.  who bought a meter last night at the end of the show.





I'm happy to welcome a new partner in Kalifornien to our team

a partner who believes in my products Thanks to you





Measure throughput continuously and without contact

hochpräzise Ergebnisse.

hochpräzise Ergebnisse.

„Mit dem USMS Gti Gasser bieten wir jetzt vier grundsätzlich verschiedene Lösungen zur Durchsatzmessung an und können so noch gezielter auf die Bedürfnisse unserer Kunden eingehen“, betont Gasser Christian der Inhaber des Unternehmens GTI GASSER, Seit 30 Jahre auf den Markt. Des Messtechnikspezialisten. Da das System separat die Produktkonzentration sowie die Transportgeschwindigkeit misst und daraus den Massedurchsatz berechnet, ist es unabhängig von schwankenden Feststoffgeschwindigkeiten. Das transportierte Material jeglicher Art  lässt sich zuverlässig, präzise und kontinuierlich ermitteln, ohne dass laufende Prozesse gestört oder unterbrochen werden müssen. Mit einer Referenzverwiegung einfach zu kalibrieren.

The first three GTI volume measurement systems in Kalifornia USA

Giegold Recycling

Giegold Recycling  It is an enrichment for us to have a new dealer and partner, we look forward to YOU thank you in advance your partner GTI Gasser


Is the absolute highlight of our devices.
The new GTI Gasser measuring system permanently connected to a server.
Sends the measured data.
The calculated data can be accessed and viewed via password-protected access at any time, anywhere in the world.
The data is stored over one year and is prepared to download as Excel.
Nearby, our device is equipped with a Bluetooth to the plant operator has at any time insight into the production.
The device is in a rugged Inox housing.
Power supply is 24V DC.
UAMSIN.11 measuring system is recommended for anyone who wants to know more about the system and its production.

The revolution of the measurement of USMS of Gti Gasser The new device in the network is unique, you can see the measurements in real time from all over the world and they are recorded.

Are you interested as a customer then please contact us at:

light, dust insensitive.

Easy and quick Installation.

100% automatic Zero Calibration.

No maintenance and after adjustments.

We are the only manufacturer with ultrasound Technology, worldwide distributor of volumetric measuring systems used for all materials. I am looking for distribution partners in countries where I am not yet present around the world. We would be glad if you think about our products. Are the devices interesting for your market?• We look forward to a market presence in your company• If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!  We look forward to hearing from you again.


Here is a link to access the new volume meter.

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  Mr Christian Gasser