The volume rate measuring system

Measurement system of the »USMS« flow of volumes.

Measurement of the flow of volumes

through ultrasound technology


To carry out this project, the measurement system of the »USMS« flow of volumes was developed and tested with the collaboration of NASA technicians.



The ultrasound measuring system can perform the accurate and reliable detection of the capacity of application and/or conveyor belts through laser-controlled ultrasound sensors. Through the continuous recording of the volumes carried you can control and maximize the system performance and promptly operate in case of production anomalies.


Gasser offers three different model versions:


The »USMS1« measurement system can provide a cable connection and a measurement unit for each assessment unit and is recommended for mobile systems.


The measurement system has already been successfully assembled by Western Retek Maschinenbau, Nordberg, Rubble Master, Om, h Powercrusher and on various stationary systems, etc.


The  »USMS2« measurement system provided with cable connection offers up to five measurement units for each assessment unit and is recommended for sifting systems. Even when the breaking systems and the sifting systems operate together. It also applies to stationary systems where the measurements are performed on more belts. These combinations are in operation in Bologna, Milano, Borgo Valsugana and in Spain 


The»USMS3«  measurement system operates through Wireless LAN connections and can operate up to 250 measurement units for each assessment unit, and is recommended for all applications where more than 15 measurement stations are used.

Measurement unit



The measurement unit is designed to detect the water capacity and is made up of level sensors and transport sensors.


The level sensors positioned on the whole belt width are ultrasound sensors which continuously measure the height of the material carried for the whole belt width. The measurement is performed over 160 times by each sensor, each second the height of the bulk material is detected.


Simultaneously, a carriage sensor detects the section covered by the material carried below the level sensors. Through these two values, the volume is calculated. The additional laser sensors are used for the functional control and guarantee the continuous operation.


The standard measurement unit is provided with five ultrasound sensors and six laser sensors and is used for belt up to 1200 mm wide.  For belt up to 700 mm high, the measurement unit is carried out by three ultrasound sensors and four laser sensors. In the measurement unit of the  »USMS 3« system variant, a transmission modem is also incorporated. The sensors are included in dust-tight aluminium single boxes, fastened through sturdy frames to the structure of each conveyor belt.


Assessment unit


In the cable connection systems (»USMS 1« and »USMS 2«) you can document the measurement data through printer directly to the assessment unit. In addition, data storage can be performed on a memory card (as an optional access) as data support. Through microprocessors, the measured values are further processed. Through an appropriate reading tool the data can be subsequently sent to a computer and can be easily processed - for instance on an Excel card.


The Gasser’s  »USMS« ultrasound measurement system can perform an accurate and reliable measurement of the flow of volumes through a modern ultrasound technology for an active control of the capacity and the capacity counting and for the control of the supporting processes.


The manufacturer can use various materials such as grit, sand, rubble, working site debris, crashed cement, wood, coal, rubbish, cereals, potatoes, and voluminous materials.




Other information…

Technical data

The measurement system is protected in case of short circuits and even polarity inversions do not make up a problem.

Measurement of belt width: from 200 to 2000 mm

Accuracy up to 1%

Electric power: 24V DC

Indicator:  LCD indicator provided with alpha-numeric type two line Hi LED.

Keyboard: 4 x 4 switch matrix

Operating temperature –20 °C up to 70 °C

Standard sizes: measurement unit: 83 x 10 x 12 cm,

Assessment unit: 37 x 27 x 13cm

Standard weight: unit of measurement 9 kg, assessment unit: 16 kg